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HughesNet Gen4

Features/Benefits available in Nashville

FirewallOnline Safety & Security

Protect your computer from virus, spyware, malware and hacker attacks, and enjoy a safe online experience with our Internet security Suite, provided by ZoneAlarm.


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download folderData Allowance

The Data Allowance is the amount of data (in bytes) which can be downloaded or uploaded by a subscriber without restriction with in a monthly period. The amount varies by plan. The total monthly Data Allowance is the sum of the Anytime and Bonus Bytes.

an hour glassBonus Bytes

Part of your total monthly Data Allowance, Bonus Bytes can be used from 2 am-8 am, 7 days a week - giving you more flexibility to download those large files such as software updates without using up your regular, "anytime" Data Allowance.

tokenRestore Tokens

Under the Fair Acess Policy, if you exceed your Data Allowance, your access speed will be slowed down for the remainder of the month. But you can purchase a Restore Token in order to restore your speed by providing additional bandwidth.

Status MeterStatus Meter

You'll always know where you stand regarding how close you are to your Data Allowance

Wrench and ScrewdriverExpress Repair is available in Nashville

Express Repair is a service protection plan designed to ensure that your HughesNet service will be restored in an expedited manner in the event a problem occurs. Under the plan, you continue to receive Technical Phone Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but if the problem cannot be fixed over the phone, a certified technician will come directly to your location to quickly restore your service.

HughesNet is the market leader in Nashville

  • America's #1 choice for high-speed satellite internet is now better than ever
  • HughesNet is a company you can trust, with more than 40 years in the buisness serving Nashville
  • HughesNet does satellite Internet better than anyone else. We invented it. And now we've made it better than ever
  • Enjoy the same high-speed satellite Internet technology provided to the largest corporations - right in your Nashville home
  • EchoStar XVII, our latest Gen4 service possible, is the most advanced communications satellite in the industry

Nashville HughesNet Gen4 Plans
Call Toll Free 855-844-3642

$4999 per month

5 Mbps Down - 1 Mbps Up
5GB Anytime + 5GB Bonus Bytes (2am - 8am) Per Month
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$5999 per month

Up to 10 times faster
10 Mbps Down - 1 Mbps Up
10GB Anytime + 10GB Bonus Bytes (2am - 8am) Per Month
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Power Pro

Up to 10 times faster
10 Mbps Down - 2 Mbps Up
15GB Anytime + 15GB Bonus Bytes (2am - 8am) Per Month
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Power Max

Up to 15 times faster
15 Mbps Down - 2 Mbps Up

20GB Anytime + 20GB Bonus Bytes (2am - 8am) Per Month
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Nashville HughesNet Spaceway Plans


1 Mbps Down
200 Kbps Up
250 MB Data per day
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Speedometer showing 10 Mbps

Power 150

1.5 Mbps Down
250 Kbps Up
350 MB Data per day
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Speedometer showing 10 Mbps

Power Max

2 Mbps Down
3 Kbps Up
450 MB Data per day
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Speedometer showing 10 Mbps
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